Jack Frost

Sitting, thinking about art and creation and about where it all comes from. I started thinking about this after watching dreamworks recent film rise of the guardians. I realized that the wonderment of children is one of the most pure and beautiful things out there. It comes with no angers or frustrations of how much something cost, or will I look foolish, they are simply happy being themselves. If I was my 8 year old version of myself, right now I would be pushing all the chairs around me (I’m in the sitting room for jury duty) into a giant fort. I would then be loud and play and climb and imagine things that no one else could see. Where did that go? I want to be amazed by those little things again. I want dream like I did then where you can actually see things clear as day. There would be no dull locations or tasks because it would be an adventure. Laundry would no longer be mundane and dishes would do themselves…. I could use a snow day today Jack Frost!


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