Daily Inspiration #20

Daily Inspiration #20

Beautiful accent walls – I am usually not a wallpaper kind of girl but there are some cases where it can be fabulous! In a child’s room  is one of my favorite places for accent walls. I recently saw on a hgtv program called the The Novogratz an accent wall where they had the wallpaper custom printed to be a beautiful photograph of their clients kids! Moral of the story wall paper can be cool….when done right.


To Do

1.  No coming to work looking like death!

2.  Christmas shopping done in October so we can actually enjoy the holidays

3.  Clean and organize house and life

4.  Work on investments and financial security

5.  Update your wardrobe with something new and in style every month while at the same time eliminating something that is out of fashion or old

6.  Do something every day to improve ourselves

7.  Start working out

8.  Classy not trashy in all aspects of your life

This list doesn’t seem like a lot of work but it is!