Daily Inspiration #21

Daily Inspiration #21

Old Royal Family Photos – In honor of the new royal baby I thought this would be a good time for this post. I really do love the old royal family photos they are so lovely and elegant. There is something so nice about traditions and legacy.


London Calling

Well 5 days till we are off on our grand adventure to London! I am so excited ! Feels a bit unreal! I am looking forward to showing Jared around and updating the blog with lots of photos from the trip!  I am so excited for the adventures to Oxford, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle.  I am also excited and nervous to take Jared to Steyning. I haven’t been there for 10 years and the last time iI was there my grandmother was still with us. It will be lovely to show him where we used to play in the park and the pathways to the high st!  🙂  I am also looking forward to seeing the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral! Westminster Abbey and the Churchill war rooms are supposed to be amazing and are both things on our list of to do’s. I will also be checking out the fashion while I am there! Woowhoo 🙂  Well until then! Cheers!

— Little Red

Revamp and Enjoy

Well I have been re doing my studio and painting the inside of the closet. I am going to be going through all of it and cleaning it all out so that this Sunday I can actually spend sometime in there working on my book. I have been very inspired lately which is fantastic! I made a new wreath for the front door and I have been continuing to revamp the old chest for Annie,Travis and Kylie. 

This Saturday we will be going down to the LA Convention Center for the big LA art show!!! I am hoping this will get me even more inspired. I will try to remember to take some photos while I am down there.

Time to also start planning what to take with me to ENGLAND! I will be doing daily sketches which I will be posting up here while were there or when we get back from the trip. Well Cheerio! Image